Let’s encourage each other! Will you join me for #edBlogaDay next month? #AprilBlogADay

edblogadayIt’s hard to believe that #AprilBlogADay is wrapping up. After today, there are only five more days left in the month and five more posts left to write. This morning, many of us who have been part of the #AprilBlogADay community gathered to chat and reflect on the experience. As we shared, a new idea emerged. This month, we have formed a community as we have shared our daily blog posts  on Twitter. We want to extend that community after the month ends.

We will be changing the hashtag to #edBlogaDay. This will allow us to continue to find each other from month to month as themes change. In May, there will be two challenges. You can participate in one or both of the challenges. One challenge will be similar to April’s – to continue blogging daily. (If you blog, I encourage you to join even if you are not able to blog every single day.) The other challenge will focus on encouraging each other as we read blog posts and comment on a different one each day. The goal of the comment a day challenge is to read a blog written by a different person each day and comment on the post. The post will then be shared via Twitter in order to highlight all of the good in education. I think one of the best ways to change the world of education is to share all of the amazing things that are already happening and for parents and policy makers to see that change is already happening.

So, are you ready to join me as the #edBlogaDay movement continues? You don’t even have to have a blog to join the comment challenge. However, if you spend time interacting with other amazing educators through their blogs, you may just be tempted to start one of your own! I hope to connect with your during #edBlogaDay! I if you have a blog post you would like to share, please link it in the comments, and please let me know if you join us.

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By Janelle

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  1. I would LOVE to join the #edBlogaDay but I can’t do every day, and I’d love to comment but I can’t do every day. How do y’all find the TIME?

    1. Join us anyway and do what you can! There’s only a handful of us who have blogged every day. I don’t think I can keep up the daily blogging after this month, but I do plan to blog more routinely.

  2. I’m joining, but like you, Janelle. Probably a few blog posts in May, perhaps, but I’m committing to reading a post and commenting.

    Really, Sandra, that only takes 10 minutes, I think. Plus you take away more than you give!


    1. The nice thing is that it’s no big deal if you miss days. I’m going to try to keep it up daily, but with the end of the school year, it’s going to be a bit crazy.

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