I Am a Digital Native

I am a digital native. When the  terms digital native and digital immigrant were first coined, and it was inferred that we as educators are immigrants – and not natives – I was offended. I am sure my digital language skills are as advanced if not more so than my students. I am a digital native.… Continue reading I Am a Digital Native

Being Scientists

For the past two years, I have organized our school science. We organized our fair as an extracurricular club where interested students could participate. Previously, we only had a handful of projects each year. Some were great, and others were not as good. This year, I decided to make completing a science fair project a… Continue reading Being Scientists

Stretching Exercises

I am working on my gifted endorsement for my state teaching certificate right now. I am also teaching gifted classes for the first time this year. I love it so much, but I can definitely feel myself stretching. For instance, I just wrote a lesson plan for my class in the New American Lecture format.… Continue reading Stretching Exercises

Now for something completely different

Yesterday, I explained how I taught the water cycle to my traditional science class. Today, the water cycle was on the agenda from my gifted science class. From discussions last week with my gifted classes, I knew that these students have pretty extensive background knowledge of the water cycle. All I needed to do was… Continue reading Now for something completely different

What does this have to do with. . .

Every lesson that I teach revolves around an essential question. All teachers at my school do this, and students have become accustomed to having an essential question totalling relating to the day’s lesson. Today, my EQ was, “How does water move through the hydrologic cycle?” Last week, we discussed the global distribution of water. Today’s… Continue reading What does this have to do with. . .

Can I do it?

Ever since attending my first science conference (Georgia Science Teachers Association annual conference in February of 2007), I knew I wanted to present a conference one day. Well, I think it is time. At least I hope it is – and I hope I can do it. I recently shared some vocabulary strategies with colleagues… Continue reading Can I do it?