Spring is love #edBlogaDay

I grew up in Florida. People will often joke that Florida doesn’t have seasons. Of course Florida has seasons; they just aren’t traditional: hurricane season, tourist season, strawberry season, and citrus season are just a few. Growing up in Florida, I always wondered what the big deal is about spring. When I moved to Georgia… Continue reading Spring is love #edBlogaDay

Celebrating #AprilBlogADay Success! Looking forward to #edBlogaDay

When I stumbled on the #AprilBlogADay challenge 30 days ago, I thought it sounded like an awesome idea. I knew I needed motivation to become more consistently. I decided to sign up and hope I could keep with it. The first few days were the first couple of days were in the run up to… Continue reading Celebrating #AprilBlogADay Success! Looking forward to #edBlogaDay

Doors #AprilBlogADay

Doors Keep us safe inside, Locked in our cocoons. Closed. Shut. Isolated. Doors Join us to the world around us, Expanding our horizons. Open. Accessible. Connected. Doors Is it time to open our classroom doors to the world around us? I’ve been thinking a lot about this the past couple of days. In tomorrow’s post,… Continue reading Doors #AprilBlogADay

Want to see change in your classroom? Step back and let go! #AprilBlogADay

It is interesting that today’s topic is about building a more powerful classroom by letting go as I was just having this conversation with my teammate at lunch today. We are finishing our first year as a fully PBL school. However, I teach in a program that has been PBL since the school opened five… Continue reading Want to see change in your classroom? Step back and let go! #AprilBlogADay