What I learned at lunch

It’s been a crazy time at my house lately. When school started up in August, we lost three days to furloughs. That set me back a bit – I need those days in the classroom! I also found out that instead of teaching one gifted class and three traditional classes as I initially expected, I… Continue reading What I learned at lunch

Leadership Day 2009

At Dangerously Irrelevant, we have been challenged to express wants, desires, and concerns to school leaders regarding technology. After thinking about so many ideas revolving around technology and education, one thing kept coming to mind – Open Source Software. School districts spends millions of dollars on software licenses and packages for their students in order… Continue reading Leadership Day 2009

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When not to Tweet

With all of the focus on social network sites in the media, it is probably important to note that when and what you Tweet on Twitter is important for teachers to think about. When should you tweet? Be careful about tweeting at school – especially during classes. Make sure it is not against your school’s… Continue reading When not to Tweet

Why You Should Tweet

As I write this post, I am thinking about fellow educators, but the information provided would really apply to anyone! I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical about Twitter at first. I really didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I think it is safe to say that Twitter does… Continue reading Why You Should Tweet