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See the picture book sitting next to my whiteboard? Completely unplanned!
See the picture book sitting next to my whiteboard? Completely unplanned!

Everyday my goal is to inspire my students to find their passion. Now, of course, I really hope their passion will be science! This year, I have also been encouraging my students (and myself) to Dare Mighty Things. Sometimes, the mighty thing you dare may not seem that significant, but it can be a big deal to kids.

Every year, we have a student-faculty basketball game where the student basketball team players take on the faculty a as Relay for Life fundraiser. I’ve never participated before. I’ve never even watched the game before. However, I decided to let my students decide for me this year. By a very wide margin, playing basketball won the poll over being a cheerleader and watching from the bleachers. I’ve gotten great advice from students on what to do, and my fans are already helping me get ready. Every teacher gets a nickname for the game. I asked that mine be space related, so I am now Janelle “Out of This World” Wilson. Seems fitting! One of my students wrote it on the board last week. Tomorrow at the game, students are planning to bring signs to cheer me on!

Playing basketball is not my passion but inspiring kids to reach outside of their comfort zone and try something knew certainly is. By leading through example, I find I am the one being inspired. It’s just another reason to keep daring mighty things!

By Janelle

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