May 02

Spring is love #edBlogaDay

I grew up in Florida. People will often joke that Florida doesn’t have seasons. Of course Florida has seasons; they just aren’t traditional: hurricane season, tourist season, strawberry season, and citrus season are just a few. Growing up in Florida, I always wondered what the big deal is about spring.

When I moved to Georgia almost ten years ago, I finally discovered spring.


Spring is bliss.

Spring is incandescent.

Spring is buds and flowers and pollen.

Spring is green, verdant and lush.

Spring is hope bursting forth.

Spring is petals floating on the wind.

Spring is bird song greeting the morning.

Spring is bees buzzing.

Spring is world made new.

Spring is the bluest of skies.

Spring is life blossoming.

Spring is love.


  1. Sheri Edwards

    Fun seasons in Florida. We have Tourist Season, Fire Season, Frozen Season, Respite Season, plus the regular seasons here in WA State. Love your poetic descriptions, especially “hope bursting forth.” That’s what spring brings me as well. Your sound recording made me smile and I had to go add one to my blog too! Thanks for sharing your understanding of spring.

  2. Janelle

    It’s interesting how different regions have different custom seasons. There’s actually a fire season in Florida, too. However, usually fires are beneficial in the scrub brush/saw grass areas.

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