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Mar 06

Class Blogging with Students

This post is for activity 5 of the Blogging with Students challenge. I’ll be honest. I am having a really hard time with this one.  I know I want to have students contribute to our class blog, but I really have not worked out in what capacity. When the school year started, I thought I …

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Mar 01

An Epiphany: Student Commenting

Last week, I wondered how I could engage students in commenting on the class blog. Today, I decided to conduct an experiment. We had spent the day in the computer lab doing a variety of activities related to air masses, fronts, weather predictions, and storms. The students seemed to enjoy the activities, but I was …

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Feb 27

Engaging Parents

There are several things that I have done or am in the process of doing in order to engage parents in our class web site and student portfolio sites. Promote the class web site. In the past, I have made business cards to share. This year, I purchased 200 MiniCards from Moo. The MiniCards are …

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Feb 03

Hey Readers, are you out there?

Lonely Reader by h.koppdelaney Our final challenge in the Kick Start Your Blog Teacher Challenge is all about finding and keeping readers. Here are a few things I think will help gain readers. Use a widget to automatically tweet your blog posts. I use Twitter Blog. If you don’t use Twitter, what are you waiting …

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Feb 01

A Widget Tour

When it comes to widgets, I am a minimalist. I like my blog to look clean, so I try to reflect that in my sidebar. The current theme I use has one right-hand side bar and a small menu at the bottom of the page. Here is what I include. Right Sidebar Search Bar – …

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Jan 29

Exploring the nerve center of the blog

Challenge #6 for the Teacher Challenge involves embedding media. I thought I would share with you the unit I wrote for my gifted endorsement last year. In order to share it with our endorsement class, we had to “sell” our unit and also present information on what we taught and how students reacted. I created …

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Jan 24

Show me what it’s all about!

I find it ironic that this installment of the Teacher Challenge is about images. Why? I am one of the yearbook advisers. Our first big deadline is next week, and I have been looking at photos and images all day! I am sure you noticed; I am one of those people who likes to really …

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