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Mar 01

Oreos and Pseudoteaching

I’ve been following the discussion of Pseudoteaching at Frank Noschese’s blog Action Reaction, which made me evaluate my own teaching in order to consider when does my teaching really look great and all my kids are engaged but results do not reflect that student learning has actually happened. A couple of years ago, I decided …

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Feb 12

Cotton Ball Clouds

We are continuing our study of meteorology, and my student teacher did an activity with our students that I picked up at an NSTA area conference a couple of years ago. I think it’s a great way to help students visualize how much water a cloud really can hold. Of course, clouds aren’t really made …

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Feb 10

Cloud in a Bottle

I do not know why I have never done this activity before to help my students see the ingredients necessary for cloud formation. I was reminded about it at a staff development on Monday. We were able to incorporate it today. Pretty cool!

Feb 03

Air Pressure Demonstration

On Tuesday, we attempted to do the air pressure can crush demo in my first period class. It didn’t work. Sometimes in the lab, things just don’t work as planned. I think what happened is there was not enough water vapor in the can before I turned it over in the water. My student teacher …

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Jan 29

Exploring the nerve center of the blog

Challenge #6 for the Teacher Challenge involves embedding media. I thought I would share with you the unit I wrote for my gifted endorsement last year. In order to share it with our endorsement class, we had to “sell” our unit and also present information on what we taught and how students reacted. I created …

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Jan 12

Say it ain’t snow!

I’m sorry; I tickle myself with my bad puns. It runs in the family (but I’m the only one who laughs at their own jokes!). So, we have snow day #4 tomorrow, and it is not looking too great for Friday based on some rumors I’ve heard. I was really stressed about missing days; I’m …

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Oct 21

Using Edmodo as a back channel

Today is the second time I have used Edmodo to back channel conversations while watching a video in class. Both times I have done this, I have had outstanding results. Students are excited to share their information, and I can tell they are following along with the video. Additionally, student comments after the fact show …

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