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Mar 01

Oreos and Pseudoteaching

I’ve been following the discussion of Pseudoteaching at Frank Noschese’s blog Action Reaction, which made me evaluate my own teaching in order to consider when does my teaching really look great and all my kids are engaged but results do not reflect that student learning has actually happened. A couple of years ago, I decided …

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Feb 12

Cotton Ball Clouds

We are continuing our study of meteorology, and my student teacher did an activity with our students that I picked up at an NSTA area conference a couple of years ago. I think it’s a great way to help students visualize how much water a cloud really can hold. Of course, clouds aren’t really made …

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Feb 05

Thank you, Mrs. Mitchell: Reflecting on science fairs

Yesterday, I took five of my sixth grade students and four projects to the Gwinnett Regional Science and Engineering Fair. I am our school’s local science fair director. (Doesn’t that sound fancy?) ┬áThis is the second year I have required all of my students to complete science fair projects as part of our class, and …

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Feb 03

Hey Readers, are you out there?

Lonely Reader by h.koppdelaney Our final challenge in the Kick Start Your Blog Teacher Challenge is all about finding and keeping readers. Here are a few things I think will help gain readers. Use a widget to automatically tweet your blog posts. I use Twitter Blog. If you don’t use Twitter, what are you waiting …

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Feb 01

A Widget Tour

When it comes to widgets, I am a minimalist. I like my blog to look clean, so I try to reflect that in my sidebar. The current theme I use has one right-hand side bar and a small menu at the bottom of the page. Here is what I include. Right Sidebar Search Bar – …

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Jan 17

“Winter” Cleaning the About Page

I decided sprucing up my “About” page would be a good idea. Here is a screenshot of it before I tackled it today: As you can see, the old page was just a bit boring. It lacked a lot of specific information, and it was really, really short. I also don’t think it did a …

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Jan 13

Failure? Or is it lacking the tools for success?

Today, in the midst of snow day #4, I decided I should tackle my snow covered driveway. I did this for a couple of reasons. One, I was convinced we would have school tomorrow, so I would need to get the car out of the garage. And two, even if we did not have school, …

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