The Explorers’ Classroom – A Map Project

In April, I participated in The Map Project – one of many projects sponsored by The Art House Co-op. (I previously participated in the Sketchbook Project.) The basic idea was to create a map – of anything – it could be any size as long as it folded down to 4″x6″. Since I had already been thinking about how to make a classroom one focused on exploration. (You can see my previous post.)

As I was creating my map, I was struck with ideas of what a classroom could be. I worked on putting the map together and designing my “perfect” spaces. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this should not be just a dream. I could very easily make this a reality – especially since I have two classroom spaces. It should be pretty easy for me to create several different pods and stations around one of the rooms. I might have to beg to use some different styled furniture. (We have plenty available.)

But dreaming about rethinking spaces and trying new things and stepping to the edge is so much easier than actually taking the plunge and trying it. And I’m not sure if I’m ready. (Why?)


The Explorers’ Classroom from Janelle Wilson on Vimeo.

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