The Festive Classroom?

I gave a short questionnaire to my students after a test the other day. I told them they could do it anonymously. I asked them the following three questions:

  1. What is your favorite thing about this science class?
  2. What is your least favorite thing about this science class?
  3. If you could change anything about our class, what would it be?

I also let them know this was their chance to “grade” me and make comments about my progress. Curiously, some of my students groaned and said they don’t like participating in these types of surveys. Well, if they are tired of them, at least a lot of us are asking for feedback!

Most of the comments were ones I expected to see, including many students asking for a new seating arrangement. The most surprising answer was someone suggesting that the class could be more festive. I have no idea in what way they want the class to be more festive. I assumed in celebrating holidays. (Many of the other teachers decorate doorways.) However, @rockteacherjan said something that made me think that perhaps they meant celebrating learning. I need to think about this, and see what I can do to increase the celebration of successes in my room.

But since I think the student might have meant holiday celebrations, I decided to get some decorations for my classroom: a 3-foot pre-lit tree and some ornaments, gel winter window clings for the door, and LED color changing snowflake and star for the whiteboard. I’ll post photos once it’s up. Let the festive-ness begin!

By Janelle

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  1. I have some students who have spiritual beliefs and practices that do not celebrate holidays. Because I teach in a public school, I do not want to make them feel left out. But, for other students, I would like to liven things up during this month before our break. Where did you get the color changing snowflakes? I figure snowflakes are “winterish” and safe. I have felt snowflakes, and I would love to add more.

    1. I got the snowflakes at Target. They are cool because they have a suction cup on the back and are battery operated, so you can put it up lots of different places in the classroom. It was $4.99.

      I’m at a public school, too, but I figure the tree is becoming less and less a religious part of Christmas and more of the cultural part. I think it will be okay.

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