The Great Rock Mix Up: NSTA Edition

NSTA: the National Science Teachers Association holds conferences each year: three regional area conferences each fall, a large national conference in early spring, and a STEM forum in May. This year, I had the chance for the first time to attend a national convention and to present (twice!).

I have previously shared my Great Rock Mix Up lesson, an approach I use to bring inquiry to my classroom from the first day of school. I modified some of the information I have previously shared and added some details including the inquiry based rock cycle lab. Whether you looked at the original lesson or not, I invite you to download the resources and use them in your own classroom. I would love to hear how it works for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

 NSTA Great Rock Mix Up

Here are a few photos from the presentation. It was so exciting to see my presentation room fill up before the session began. I thought I was being optimistic planning for 40 participants, but before I knew it, I was out of handouts. By the time I got started, there were almost twice that many people! I encourage you to think about sharing your favorite lessons at conferences like NSTA. It is a great experience, and it it wonderful to share with fellow educators!

The room is filling up before the presentation begins
The room is filling up before the presentation begins
Teachers participating in the rock activities
Teachers participating in the rock activities


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