Feb 24

Two interesting summer opportunities for teachers

I am always amazed how many opportunities are available for teachers. There are a couple I wanted to share with you.

The first is Honeywell’s Green Boot Camp. This program is for middle school teachers of any content area who are interested in bringing green education into your class room. The program is June 24-28 in San Diego. Honeywell pays for the program, travel, accommodations and meals. The application deadline is March 15. I am also planning to apply for this program. Honeywell really knows how to treat teachers well, and I know it will be a great program. If you are a middle school educator, I encourage you to apply.

The second opportunity is the Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology sponsored by the AARL, the national association for Amateur Radio. This is a four-day expenses paid trip that will be held in two location: July 8-11 in Newington, CT and July 15-18 in Rocklin, CA. The application deadline is May 15. A friend of mine did this workshop last summer, and she learned a lot. She also told me that you get a lot of stuff to take home. If you do much with electronics, radio, and satellite contacts, this would be a cool workshop to apply for!

I know one of the hardest things with opportunities for teachers is finding them. Do you know of any awesome opportunities for teachers this summer? Please share!


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