Weekend walks in the country

bluebell walkWe tend to spend a lot of our weekends exploring the countryside these days, especially if it is a sunny day. Back in Georgia, we didn’t do much walking in the country mainly because it was really hot most of the year, even in the higher elevations. In England, the main problem is rain, so if it’s a sunny day (or even a cloudy one with little chance of rain), it’s a perfect excuse to get out and do something.

We have membership in the National Trust, which allows us to visit over 500 places across the country ranging from historic chapels to country manors and coastal walks to countryside rambles. This past weekend, we drove towards the southeast coast not entirely sure where we would end up. Along the way, we decided to go to Bateman’s, the home of Rudyard Kipling. Most National Trust properties have a lot of land with walking trails, so we chose a two and half mile loop to explore. We found a range of sites from rolling hills to ancient woodland covered in bluebells.

walkingbootsSince we’ll be walking around a lot more, I decided it was time to buy some proper walking boots. I soon learned you also need proper walking socks. I had no idea what I wanted when I explored the shop, but I had a very knowledgeable gentleman helped me. I thought I needed an ankle high boot, but it turns out there not usually necessary for the types of walks I’ll be doing. Trying everything on and humming and hawing over it all reminded me of the first time I bought a pair of running shoes. And then found out there are running socks. And that some running socks are specific for the right and left feet! (Speaking of which, it’s been almost two years since my last pair of running shoes, so I’m overdue, and I actually have right and left footed socks these days!)

Walking through the countryside is really fun as you climb over stiles, pass through kissing gates, walk across fields of cows, horses, or sheep, and feel a million miles away from civilization. It’s definitely a great new way to pass the weekends, and it’s one of the things I’m really enjoying about England.

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