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I’m not new to the world of blogging or other Web 2.0 tools. However, I have not been using this resource as a professional tool. It is definitely something that I have been thinking about for a long time. After spending several months interacting with many talented educators on Twitter, I realized I had many ideas to share that may not always fit into 140 characters. The idea for this blog was then born.

When thinking about a title for this blog, I wanted to convey a message of always trying new things in the classroom – whether it was technologies, lesson ideas, collaboration with others, or an opportunity that comes my way. Stretching seemed like a great idea. Stretching is important, and necessary in our daily lives. True, it may be uncomfortable as you stretch (or after the fact), but it will keep us from greater pain later. I hope I can continue to stretch myself forward every day, even if it is uncomfortable at the moment. I also hope I can be a teacher that helps my students to stretch forward themselves.

Welcome to Stretching Forward. I hope it is interesting, inspires and gives you new ideas!

By Janelle

Space geek, science nerd extraordinaire. That's me! Want to know more, visit the About page.

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