“Winter” Cleaning the About Page

I decided sprucing up my “About” page would be a good idea. Here is a screenshot of it before I tackled it today:


As you can see, the old page was just a bit boring. It lacked a lot of specific information, and it was really, really short. I also don’t think it did a good job of sharing about me as a person. So, today I totally overhauled the about page.

Take a look at the new About page and let me know what you think.

As far as additional pages go, I am not sure where to start. At the moment, I do not think they are necessary. However, I think eventually I may create pages for sharing lessons (especially my complete unit zip files) and a Twitter Getting Started Guide page. Do you have any other suggestions?

By Janelle

Space geek, science nerd extraordinaire. That's me! Want to know more, visit the About page.


  1. I love the “then and now” pictures on your about me page. I bet your students like that, too. I may have to dig up some old pictures for my page.

    I have a couple of other pages on my blog. I have one page where I share links to the files of handouts I give students for their binders. I have not been very good at keeping up with it this year, though. I also have a page that shares opportunities for students to publish their work or enter contests. It also needs some updating. I”m glad this challenge is having me take a look at those neglected pages.

    1. Thanks, Kay. I thought that would be fun. I guess I should go put something like this on my class site, too. You’re right, I’m sure my students would love it. Here’s my current about page from the class site.

      I have several pages and subpages on my class site, including a calendar, course info, portfolio info, and resources. It looks I have a few I could clean up, too, since I have not used them the way I had intended when I first added them over the summer.

  2. Hi Janelle,
    You did a great spring cleaning job. I found your new About Me page to be so much more welcoming, well done. I think when we started blogging we were a little worried about putting TMI (too much information) on our blog. Now that we are part of this challenge, we are learning that “more” is sometimes better.

    1. Thanks, Paula. I agree; I definitely did worry before about giving too much information – especially in case my students found my blog. And then I realized, they know all of this stuff about me anyways! Plus, if they do google me and find my blog, they will see that I am a learner just like they are.

      Frankly, I share so much about myself on a daily basis via Twitter, it’s a wonder my students don’t know my entire life’s history!

  3. Janelle
    You did an outstanding job on your About Me page. Very professional. I was watching TV news this evening and they had a piece about people now doing their CV’s online using You Tube etc. Your page is certainly a winner.

    The other idea I loved was your taking a screenshot. Great idea. Well done.
    New Zealand

  4. Wow, what a change in your About Page. Really will allow more people to really understand who is behind the blog. Personality shines through now. Great work!

  5. Hi Janelle I love the fact that you took a screen shot of your blog before you spring cleaned it. I wish that I would have done that but mine was so long, I would have had to take heaps of screen shots. Great work – there is such a difference in the two pages and I love the conversations that are going on here.
    Janelle, I dont know if I am too tired, but I cannot find the link to your pages from your usual posting page. Can you go back into your dashboard and look at the widgets that appear in your sidebar, if pages does not appear there, can you drag it across so that the links appear naturally, or how do I get from this page to your ‘About Me’ page, without clicking on the link that you provided?

    1. Thanks, Anne!

      The site navigation is at the top of the page above the header image. It just says “Home” and “About” right now since those are the only two pages. I usually don’t put navigation on a left or right sidebar. I just think it looks prettier at the top of the page. 🙂

  6. love the before & after pics….and how you let loose in your new description of yourself…people seem to appreciate that more! Keep up the good work and good luck with the rest of the challenge.

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