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Aug 16

I’ve moved!

This site will remain live, but I’ve started writing again at Mrs Wilson Science, my other site. Please check out that site and update your subscriptions and feeds. Thank you!

May 07

Turning 40

Somehow, today I turned 40. I don’t know what I was expecting. I don’t feel 40, but what does 40 even feel like? When you’re a child, you think people who are 40 must be old and grown up. I don’t feel old or grown up. On the other hand, I do feel like I’ve …

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May 03

Weekend walks in the country

We tend to spend a lot of our weekends exploring the countryside these days, especially if it is a sunny day. Back in Georgia, we didn’t do much walking in the country mainly because it was really hot most of the year, even in the higher elevations. In England, the main problem is rain, so …

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May 01

Day by day: Comparing US and UK school schedules

In the previous post, I shared some differences in the yearly school schedules.Today, I want to compare what I’ve experienced schedule wise in the US versus UK on a daily basis. One of the big differences is that in the US we refer to the school schedule, our daily schedule, students have schedules, etc. We …

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Apr 26

Throughout the year: comparing US and UK school schedules

One of the big adjustments I’ve had teaching in England has been with the school schedule – both when school is in session and the day to day scheduling of classes. There are some significant differences between the two students. Today, let’s look at the big picture yearly calendar. Next time, we’ll look at the …

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Apr 24

Grocery shopping: US vs. UK

The overwhelming winner from Friday’s poll was to hear about differences in grocery shopping, so here are my observation based on my favorite daily grocery store in the US (Publix), and my current local grocery store (Sainsbury’s). Grocery shopping is not one of my favorite pastimes, but it’s necessary, so I go when I must. …

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Apr 21

The teacher job hunt: US vs UK

Job hunting for a teacher position in the UK is quite a bit different than it is in the US. Although I wouldn’t say my job hunting experience in the US was extensive, I did teach in two of the largest districts in the country in three different positions. Generally when applying for positions with …

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