A Goodbye Sendoff

Last week, the multimedia students (which include several of my former students), my colleagues, and students completely surprised me with this beautiful video sendoff. I asked one of my former students who does a lot with our video program if he could help me with a video. So, they also conspired to make this, the final episode of the We Are Lanier documentary program they developed this year.

As teachers, we often don’t realize the impact we are making. I feel like this year I have been blessed to really see the difference I am making. I feel a bit like Mr. Holland in Mr. Holland’s Opus, except I didn’t have to wait until I retired to see the impact I made on some of my students.

I work with the most amazing fellow educators and students. What we have in our CDAT program at Lanier is truly special. I will miss them all so much when I am in England. Now, I just need to find an equally amazing place to teach in England!

By Janelle

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