Big changes ahead

I’m not sure how it’s been almost a year since my last post. That’s just embarrassing. It’s been a transitional year, and I suppose that partly explains it. So what’s been happening?

My husband is from England. He’s been in the US since 1999, and he’s been incredibly home sick for a few years now. Last summer, he found a job in England, so he moved back there in July to test the waters. Well he’s absolutely loved it, and our dog Devon, cats Halley and Newton, and I have not been so happy about being here on our own.

So, here’s the big changes that lie ahead. When the school year ends (which is only a couple of weeks away) and my visa arrives, we’ll be packing up and moving to England to reunite with my husband. It is bittersweet as I think about leaving my fabulous school and students behind. I will miss them so much, and I truly believe we have some of the best students. However, I can’t wait to be with my husband again. This has definitely been a challenging year!

What happens next? Well, hopefully I’ll be able to find a teaching job in England. The school system in England is different from what I am used to in the US, and I’ve been researching to make sure I have a better understanding. However, I love teaching so much, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Dare mighty things has never meant so much to me as it has the past year, and as I prepare for the adventure ahead. Though it will be hard to leave behind my family, friends, and school, I know that adventure awaits.

Dare Mighty Things!

By Janelle

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