Jun 21

Advanced Space Academy for Educators Day 1: Let’s climb and fly!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The night before, we all decided to wear our blue flight suits to breakfast so we’d stand out in the crowd with the first year group. It was evident from the moment we walked to the bus that we’d already had a chance to bond.

Fast forward to this morning, we totally rocked breakfast fully suited. It was amazing! After breakfast, our first activity was a brief orientation followed by the Pamper Pole. What’s that? Check out the video:



Reaching the top and accomplishing the challenge was exhilarating. I quickly realized I just had to go with my instincts and keep moving. If I stopped to over think it (like I often do with things), I probably would have lost my nerve. But without thinking, it was over before I knew it!

Next up was lunch and gift shop time. Who doesn’t love time in a space gift shop?! I snagged a couple of t-shirts I couldn’t pass up. The rest of the afternoon was briefing for our extended duration mission which will be later in the week.

We then had some time to take a group photo and work on our team mission patch. We brainstormed the sketch for our patch in 20 minutes. It was incredible! It’s going to be amazing, and we had no trouble agreeing!

Finally, we were invited to attend the graduation of the first year group. The guest speaker was Leland Melvin! We were so excited. We had a nice dinner banquet afterwards dining under the Saturn V. There is nothing better than eating under a rocket!

Our first day was absolutely amazing! I feel so blessed to be here. Tomorrow, we head to Florida for the next step in our journey at Kennedy Space Center!



One more thing – what to remember all about hypergolic fuel? Here’s a fun song. 🙂

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