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Advanced Space Academy for Educators Day 4: We’re a team

Saturday, June 23, 2012

On Saturday, we spent our day between the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and Cocoa Beach. We started with the Shuttle Launch Experience. It was so much fun to experience this ride with people who had never been on it before. (I think only one other person from our group had ridden it previously.) We were all cheering and oohing and aahing.

We then had some time to explore on our own, so of course I went to my favorite exhibit – Exploration Space: Explorers Wanted. I was able to share this with some of my teammates, and we all really enjoyed the image postcards at the end.

We then went to the Astronaut Encounter to hear astronaut Winston Scott speak. He was incredibly funny and inspirational. I’m pretty sure my favorite part was when he answered the questions from the children. It really brings the focus back to the future. What an awesome story they will have to tell their friends, too: I asked an astronaut a question! I’m sure even little things like this inspire children to love science and dream big. Winston was then gracious enough to take photos with every single person/family. Our group waited until the end so we could have one massive group picture.

When then had lunch and headed to the Hubble IMAX 3-D movie. I love this movie in 3-D, especially the parts when you fly through the Orion Nebula. After the movie, we pretty much split up for the rest of our time together. I spent a lot of time (and money) in the gift shop. I was so excited when I saw they finally had want I had been wanting for so long: Exploration Space posters! (I discussed these in my post about creative classroom spaces.) Of course I had to have the entire set. I love that gift shop!

When we left the KSCVC, we headed back to our hotel for a quick change. We then went to Cocoa Beach and had photos taken of us in our blue flight suits on the beach. The looks from the beach goers were priceless. We even had a couple of groups ask to have a photo taken with us! After that, we had some time to explore the beach and Ron Jon Surf Shop.

We ended the evening with a meal and time with members of the Space Tweep Society. I know we enjoyed hearing stories from the shuttle program. Four of us walked three miles back towards our hotel on beach as tide came in. It was beautiful. We then grabbed a cab for the final three miles. Overall, it was an amazing day. But this is Space Camp, what else would it be?!

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