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May 04

Sketchnotes experiment: Day 2 #edBlogaDay

Today we really dived into our gas laws unit. I started today’s lesson by reviewing some basic shapes to help with drawings when using sketchnotes. Mike Rohde outlines these in TheSketchnote Handbook. Almost anything can be drawn in sketchnotes using a rectangle, circle, triangle, line, and dot. We also looked at techniques for drawing people, …

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May 01

Sketchnotes experiment: Day 1 #edBlogaDay

If you have been following the blog the past month, you know that I have been brainstorming a way to bring sketchnotes/doodling/art journaling to my chemistry classroom. This is a concept I would really like to incorporate next year, so I am piloting it with one of my classes for our last unit of the …

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Apr 21

Sketchnotes and doodling: Art journaling follow up #AprilBlogADay

A little over a week ago, I shared a post about art journaling in the classroom. Since then, I have made some progress in coming up with a plan to incorporate art journals into my classroom. Social media is a magical place. A few days ago, I was perusing my Twitter feed when I happened …

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Apr 10

Art Journaling #AprilBlogADay

I wanted to write a post today about one thing I have not yet tried in my classroom this year. Something I want to accomplish before the year is through. That seems like such a simple thing to do but it’s not. It’s not right now. This year. If you’d asked me this question a …

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