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May 24

A Goodbye Sendoff

Last week, the multimedia students (which include several of my former students), my colleagues, and students completely surprised me with this beautiful video sendoff. I asked one of my former students who does a lot with our video program if he could help me with a video. So, they also conspired to make this, the …

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Apr 27

Want to see change in your classroom? Step back and let go! #AprilBlogADay

It is interesting that today’s topic is about building a more powerful classroom by letting go as I was just having this conversation with my teammate at lunch today. We are finishing our first year as a fully PBL school. However, I teach in a program that has been PBL since the school opened five …

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Apr 06

Awe inspiring: Watching students take control of learning #AprilBlogADay

Don’t you just love this planning board? It’s filled with ideas, to-do lists, plans, and other information that will help make our first annual STEM Maker Fest a success. This board is in the room where my team eats lunch, so I get to see the information on the board evolve on a daily basis. …

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Mar 14

How do you like teaching high school?

Note: I started writing this post in December. I am finally finishing it up today! I get this question frequently since I made a change for middle school to high school this year. The question is often followed up with “Which do you like better?” and of course, “What do you teach?” My response of …

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Mar 11

“Talking to my attorney next week about filing for our trademark”

One of my students had a meeting with an engineer and an attorney this afternoon. Earlier in the year, she worked with two other students to design a product to solve a current problem as part of our Tools of Tomorrow project. When the presentations were “judged” in the fall, one of the engineers who …

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Feb 21

STEM Maker Fest Project

On Friday, we launched part one of our final project of the year: the Lanier STEM Maker Fest (project overview). In May, we will be hosting our first ever Maker Fest at our high school. It’s sure to be an exciting event as our students will be sharing maker projects and showing others how to …

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Nov 13

It’s time to talk PBL with #STEMchat

It has been my intention this year to fully chronicle my new adventures in project based learning (PBL) in a high school STEM program. It’s hard to believe that in a few short weeks our first semester will be over, and we will be half way through the year. It feels like we just started, …

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