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Feb 12

Using systems of equations to find the optimum room arrangement

I recently read Malyn’s post: Why teach simultaneous equations? The point of her post is more about discovering the purpose for teaching a specific topic and its importance in a student’s life. After I read her post, the first thing I did was Google simultaneous equations. I had a gut feeling she was talking about …

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Feb 12

Cotton Ball Clouds

We are continuing our study of meteorology, and my student teacher did an activity with our students that I picked up at an NSTA area conference a couple of years ago. I think it’s a great way to help students visualize how much water a cloud really can hold. Of course, clouds aren’t really made …

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Feb 05

Thank you, Mrs. Mitchell: Reflecting on science fairs

Yesterday, I took five of my sixth grade students and four projects to the Gwinnett Regional Science and Engineering Fair. I am our school’s local science fair director. (Doesn’t that sound fancy?) ┬áThis is the second year I have required all of my students to complete science fair projects as part of our class, and …

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Feb 03

Air Pressure Demonstration

On Tuesday, we attempted to do the air pressure can crush demo in my first period class. It didn’t work. Sometimes in the lab, things just don’t work as planned. I think what happened is there was not enough water vapor in the can before I turned it over in the water. My student teacher …

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Feb 01

Is an Apple iPad in my future?

One of the blogs I follow is the Get Schooled blog written by Maureen Downey for the AJC. Today, an entry caught my eye: An Apple for the teacher and every student? It shares information about the State of Georgia considering a partnership with Apple to put an iPad in the hands of middles school …

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Jan 26

Working with a Student Teacher

Since we came back from winter break at the beginning of January, I have been working with a student teacher. This week, she began taking over all of my classes and writing her own lesson plans. I am really excited to work with her, and she is doing a great job already. I hope to …

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Aug 12

Building Community

One of the things I really want to work on this year is building a community of learners within my classroom. During the first couple of days, we have already started getting to know each other – and how to work together. I have also been sharing with my students information about our class jobs, …

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