To Facebook or not to Facebook

Updated August 3, 2012: I’ve been contemplating creating a Facebook page for my class/class blog. There are a lot of positives, but there’s a pretty significant negative. Obviously Facebook is a huge online powerhouse in terms of making connections. A large number of people use it and check it frequently. A class Facebook page would… Continue reading To Facebook or not to Facebook

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My #GTANY Application

A couple of weeks ago while on Twitter, I heard that there is an upcoming Google Teacher Academy in New York this October. I first heard about the Google Teacher Academy (GTA) a couple of years ago, and it sounded like such an amazing opportunity. However, I either thought it was too far away, or… Continue reading My #GTANY Application

An Epiphany: Student Commenting

Last week, I wondered how I could engage students in commenting on the class blog. Today, I decided to conduct an experiment. We had spent the day in the computer lab doing a variety of activities related to air masses, fronts, weather predictions, and storms. The students seemed to enjoy the activities, but I was… Continue reading An Epiphany: Student Commenting