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Feb 13

What’s the word game update

I shared the other day about an app based game my students love to play called What’s the Word. I knew I wanted to see if I could make this work as a class review game. Since we have a test, tomorrow, I decided it was the right time to see if it would work …

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Feb 04

What’s the word?

My students are currently engrossed in a new iPhone/Android game called What’s the Word? In each level of the game, you are presented with four photos, a set of letter space boxes, and eleven letters to help you spell out the word. The four pictures represent the word in some way. Some of them are …

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Apr 14

Practicing Quiet

Thursday was a bluster of noise and activity as students learned about the planets exchanging partners every few minutes to share information on their “home” planet. My classroom is often like this. Lots of movement. Lots of noise. Lots of sharing. Lots of laughing. But I realized that perhaps we don’t spend enough time in …

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Apr 10

Mystery in the Classroom

Today I shared with some of my colleagues the mystery lesson strategy. I really like this lesson strategy because I love solving puzzles with clues. I first found out about the strategy while taking my gifted endorsement class, which used the book The Strategic Teacher. (By the way, I highly recommend this book. It’s filled with …

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Apr 05

Jigsaw 21st Century Style

I like the idea of the jigsaw model for class learning. It sounds great in theory, but I often find it is hard to make it work for practical reasons. This year I had the idea to do something a little bit like a jigsaw but to make it a little more 21st century style. …

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Sep 14

Let them eat cake!

I decided to teach my geologic laws lesson this year using a new metaphorical style. I had done a modified new metaphorical last year, but I didn’t include the evocative question, and I gave my students more guidance. This year, I let them get more creative. I started with the evocative question: How are the …

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Aug 30

Mixing up the Rock Cycle

I decided that I wanted to do something different with the rock cycle this year. I had changed it up last year to make the students think more about the processes that form rocks. Here’s the lab from last year. It worked well, but I wanted to do even more. So, I decided that this …

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