Finding Passions

One of my many rough sketches as I brainstorm ideas.
One of my many rough sketches as I brainstorm ideas.

This year, I’ve been trying to ignite my students’ passions through a project based learning program I have had the privilege to start with some amazing teammates. The process of working on a project became real to me as I have been taking an online class for hand lettering I started a couple of days ago. The platform is project based, with instructional videos and assignments. You upload your progress to your project page.

Because hand lettering is something I’ve really wanted to become better at, I’ve been working a lot on this project the past few days. (It’s a great change from my normal daily activities.) As I have been working though, I have wondered how I can instill this same sense of passion and motivation to succeed in my students. It’s probably not an easy answer, but I know it has to do with uncovering passions. The tricky thing is linking those passions to the standards I need to teach. Of course this means more thinking and brainstorming!

(If you’re interested in checking out my work-in-progress, it’s over on Skillshare.)

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