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Yesterday, I explained how I taught the water cycle to my traditional science class. Today, the water cycle was on the agenda from my gifted science class. From discussions last week with my gifted classes, I knew that these students have pretty extensive background knowledge of the water cycle. All I needed to do was review and refine their knowledge.

I had my students evaluate four common water cycle diagrams looking for similarities. All of them showed similar drawings with snowcapped mountains on the left hand side, a large body of water on the right, and clouds and sun in the sky.

I challenged by students to draw a water cycle diagram with their group – but to make it completely different. Show it on a different scale – in a different location – a new perspective. Make it look unique and interesting. A two of my favorites involved the water cycle happening on your back porch, and the water cycle at the water park.

This was a fun activity, they have solidified their understanding of the water cycle, and I didn’t stand up and lecture to them!

By Janelle

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