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It’s time to reinvent school!

For a while now, I’ve been dreaming of learning experiences that are different than the traditional “old-school” methods. I’ve even thought about making it a goal to start my own school that doesn’t feel like normal school at  some point in the future. Basically, I love school, but the experience of school needs to change.

Imagine being offered the opportunity to reform part of a school day to look how you want it. Flexible, integrated, project based, relaxed. Well, that’s what is happening! Our cluster high school has a program called CDAT (Center for Design And Technology). It is such an amazing program that doesn’t feel like school. It feels like an open environment workplace. It’s okay to get up, move around, discuss, brainstorm, interact. In the program, they integrate science, language arts, technology, and health/PE or another elective. Students love it. I had a chance to visit a couple of weeks ago.

A colleague and I wrote a proposal to bring a similar program to our school, and we have been given the green light to start development of our program. I am so excited! I get to reinvent school right where I am. I will be sharing more about this journey as we start nailing down details. We’ll be looking for community partners as well.

I can’t believe I get to reinvent school!

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