Say it ain’t snow!

I’m sorry; I tickle myself with my bad puns. It runs in the family (but I’m the only one who laughs at their own jokes!).

So, we have snow day #4 tomorrow, and it is not looking too great for Friday based on some rumors I’ve heard. I was really stressed about missing days; I’m sure you saw my post yesterday. However, thanks to some great comments, I have a new perspective – especially as the week progresses.

We are making history.

Before the storm, many of my friends posted on Facebook about the last big storm they remember in Atlanta or storms from when they were kids. And I realized, one day, my kids will look back on this week and fondly recall the Great Atlanta Snowstorm of 2011. They’ll tell all of their friends (and maybe their own kids) about how snow fell through the Sunday evening. It accumulated quickly, and in the morning, there was over 6 inches of snow. But during the day Monday, sleet and freezing rain fell. They’ll proudly share the differences between sleet and freezing rain, impressing their friends. They will understand the intricacies of weather and how difficult forecasting can be.

This is better hands on discovery learning than I ever could have designed in my classroom.

Long live snow days! Say it ain’t snow?!

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