Do you want to go to Space Camp?

If you’ve always wanted to go to Space Camp, here’s your chance to win a scholarship to Space Academy! The scholarship will cover tuition for a week of camp which includes a place to stay, food, and all of the activities. However, it will not cover travel costs. Good news! Space Camp is only 4 hours away in Huntsville, AL.

So, how do you win this awesome trip to Space Camp?

Design, conduct, and report on an experiment for our microgravity drop tower. We are building a drop tower that will give you a split second of microgravity (weightlessness) as the experiment is in freefall.

Here’s a video of a few drop tower “experiments” to give you an idea of what can be done.


The experiment you design needs to fit in a plastic storage box like the one pictured below:

drop tower 1

You will analyze and record data by using a camera with a slow motion feature, which we will provide you. If you would like to collect data with other instruments, that may be possible.


So, here’s what you need to do, more specifically, to enter the scholarship competition:

  1. Design a microgravity drop experiment that will fit in a small plastic storage box.
  2. Conduct the microgravity drop experiment in CDAT’s drop tower. (Remember, experiments work best when conducted multiple times.)
  3. Collect and analyze your data.
  4. Share your experiment and results. They way you do this is up to you. Some ideas are a poster, lab report, or video.
  5. Submit your scholarship entry no later than January 15th. (Form to be posted shortly.)

Have more questions? Email Mrs. Wilson: jwilson@lanierhs.org

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